L'impact du Covid-19 sur le transport de conteneurs

mercredi 24 février 2021

The container shipping market is red-hot at the moment and freight rates have hit record levels. According to the shipping companies this exceptional situation is the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Capacity is still lagging behind the demand for container transport. Partly due to lockdown measures, the supply chain of containers has been disrupted. Resulting into port congestion and delays.

The World Container Index, published by Drewry Maritime Research, provides insight into developments on container freight rates. The Index is an average composite of container freight rates on eight major routes to/from the US, Europe and Asia. Therefore, the World Container Index offers a big-picture perspective on the global supply and demand of container shipping. It is obvious that container freight rates have increased drastically.

World Container Index - 18 Feb

At Packforce products are being imported as well. Therefore we frequently face this situation. How do we deal with this exceptional situation, that causes challenges on the aspects of logistic costs and delivery times? Unfortunately we cannot ignore the fact that current container freight rates impact the prices of our products as well. Luckily, so far we have managed to limit the increase for our customers.

Most important for Packforce is that our customers’ orders will be loaded on a container ship at all. In order to achieve this, our logistics department works closely with our manufacturers and various logistics partners on a daily basis. We are proud to say that despite these challenges we have been able to ensure most of our lead times.